Egg donors are women who donate their eggs to another party in an instance where a woman’s eggs are not viable. This is necessary in order to give the other party a healthy egg for fertilization and implantation.

Many people often wonder if you need to even have an egg donor contract. The answer is always yes. It is always necessary to protect your interests when going into any formal agreement with another person. The old adage, “It’s better to be safe than sorry” applies here. So what is an egg donor contract? An egg donor contract is a legal document that outlines who the parties involved in an egg donation are. It also outlines the responsibilities of the egg donor during the donation process and the consequences for a breach of contract. The egg donor contract is also the place for the intended parents to outline their rules and expectations for the donor.

In California, it is usually agreed that it is the intention of the parties involved in egg donation that matters. This means that an egg donor contract will outline the following things:

  • Circumstances

  • Reasons

  • Intent of the Donor

  • Compensation

  • Parental Rights

That means, you’ll have to put in writing why you need an egg donor. This sounds like an invasion of privacy but it is really meant to protect you and your interests. This is usually found in the circumstances and reasons portion of the contract. The intent of the donor says that the donor relinquishes all parental rights to the child upon donation. Compensation outlines how the donor will be paid for her time while the parental rights sections more clearly fleshes out who, exactly, the parents of the baby will be upon transfer of the egg to the intended parents.

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