Many people wonder if you need a contract for embryo donation. The answer is always yes. Contracts protect you, they protect your child, and they protect the donor. If you have a contract, it can take a lot of worry out of the process. The old adage, “It’s better to be safe than sorry” really rings true when you’re considering an embryo donation.

In California, an embryo donor contract has multiple parts, like all contracts do. But embryo donor contracts are a little more complicated because you clearly have to define who the parents of the child are. The donors must also sign away their parental rights, much in the same way a parent giving up their child for adoption does. An embryo donation contract outlines certain things:

  • Purpose

  • Parental Rights

  • Compensation

  • Health Representations

  • Unused Embryos

  • Breach of Contract

These are only some of the sections in an embryo donation contract. Like most contracts for surrogacy or donation, you have put in plainly in writing why you need to do this. Often times a doctor’s diagnosis accompanies the contract as a reason for the embryo adoption. The contract also outlines parental rights. The embryo donors waive all rights (both the mother and father have to sign) and the intended parents agree to take legal responsibility for the child. The contract also stipulates that all the embryos and mothers are healthy. And, like any contract, it stipulates what happens if either or both parties breach the contract.

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